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Guide to Drawing Furry Faces by thatWeasel Guide to Drawing Furry Faces :iconthatweasel:thatWeasel 1,165 65 Trunk Anatomy by Azot2017 Trunk Anatomy :iconazot2017:Azot2017 2,844 47 Anatomy by Kyatia Anatomy :iconkyatia:Kyatia 1,771 51
Chekov x Reader: Red Shirt
“Lass, would ye mind takin’ this up to the bridge and showin’ it to Jim?” Scotty asked from underneath a large machine that resembled a cooling system trying to blindly hand you as PADD with a statistics report on something that had a technical name that was far too hard for you to pronounce.
“Sure thing, Scotty,” you said, taking it from him and patting his hand, signaling that he could stop flailing his hand around trying to find you.
“Thank ya!” he shouted assuming you had already walked away. You laughed and heard a thud followed by a string of Scottish curses.
“Are you alright?” you asked, bending down to see if you would need to drag the engineer to the med bay.
“Ay, just get a move on an’ don’t startle me again,” he huffed. You nodded again and started walking down the corridor to the bridge, faintly hearing Scotty shouting something like ‘get down from there’.  You read over the
:iconvivivangogh:ViviVanGogh 231 17
Cheshire Complex (Bruce x Reader)
   “Has anyone seen (y/n)?” Natasha glanced around the room as if the mentioned would materialize from thin air.
Which she could.
Clint grunted, his eyes fixed on the television with his legs resting on the coffee table.
   “I haven’t seen her today.” Steve looked at her with apologetic eyes from his seat at the other end of the room.
   “Did you check the lab?” Tony glanced up at her from the bar with a knowing look in his eyes.
The redhead let out a sigh.
   “If she’s in there she’s asleep. I’ll just find her later…”

    Bruce let a long drawn-out sigh pass through his lips. His eyes fell over the piles of paper without ever focusing. The small jingling of a bell pulled him from his thoughts and brought a small smile to his face. He turned to face the small girl who grinned at him. She moved to his side; the jingling followed her until sh
:iconkikizara13:kikizara13 341 54
Just That Sexy (Clint X Reader) (One-shot)
Just That Sexy (Clint X Reader) (One-shot)
Got an attitude,
Bitch, what you gonna do?
Cause babe, if it was you,
You'd do the same thing too.
If you could own these shoes,
Then you could walk my walk,
That shit you could not talk.
It's not up to me,
I'm just that sexy.

You sang out as you walked through the halls of Stark Tower.
All your boyfriends want to feel me,
And your girlfriends want to kiss me.
And you think I just got lucky.
It's not up to me,
I'm just that sexy.
Do do do do do do do do,
do do do do do do do do,
do do do do do do do do,
do do do do.

You walked into the kitchen to make yourself a snack, still listening to your music and singing.
I'm just that sexy.
I-I-I-I I'm just that sexy
I-I-I-I I'm just that sexy
I-I-I-I I'm just that sexy

But what you didn't know is that you had an audience.
I'm not an ego strip,
Bitch, what you gonna do?
I just don't, give a shit.
Know you're gonna lose.
Either way you move,
You wish you could walk my walk.
I'm th
:iconrenji72:renji72 654 120
Cosmic Love (BrucexReader) One-Shot
“Is he alright?” you asked Tony with worry in your voice.
You saw Bruce sitting alone in the lab, shoulders slumped down and a depressed look on his face. It looked like he was working on something but didn’t have the heart in him to continue. You wondered what was wrong with the scientist and wanted to know if there was anything you could do.
“The Other Guy came out during that week you were on a mission,” Tony sighed.
“Oh no….Tony….did someone…?”
You didn’t even want to finish that sentence.
“Yes,” Tony nodded, his voice coming out strained.
You closed your eyes for a brief moment, trying to collect your thoughts. Now you knew why Bruce looked so depressed. He had accidentally killed someone when he had Hulked out. By the details that Tony gave you, it wasn’t his fault at all. He had been in a lot of pressure these past few weeks by SHIELD and snapped when one of his inventions exploded. That
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 305 78
Broken (BuckyxReader) One-Shot
Distant stars
Come in black or red
I've seen their worlds
Inside my head
The only sound in the old apartment, was the TV that was left on some infomercial channel. Outside cars honked as they tried to get past one another, and the stars somehow managed to shine bright despite the bright New York City lights. You cocked your head to the side as you watched a couple walk hand-in-hand down below. You wondered what it was like to be love, to have someone to cherish.
“Could you step away from the window?” Bucky, your former partner, grumbled.
He was sitting on the couch, staring at the TV. He was not quite looking at what was on however, he was trying to clear the war that was raging in his mind and heart. After Hydra had been terminated, you and Bucky had escaped to somewhere deep in the city.
Until now, Bucky had always been the Winter Soldier to you. That was his codename and the only name that people ever addressed him as. After battling Captain A
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 345 85
TOXIC by DestinyBlue TOXIC :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 14,456 505
Bucky x Reader : : Haircut
Bucky x Reader
She thought he couldn't hear her. He could. He heard her every footstep as she silently approached him. She was trying to be sneaky, that much was obvious. She failed. So bad. The only reason he didn't interrupt her little 'stealth mode' was because he wanted to see how long it took before she gave up and because he found it entertaining.
She managed to get behind the couch he was lazing on. As she raised the scissors in her hand, he called out.
"Don't even thing about it."
After the failed stealth mission, (Your Name) tried a different approach. She instead wrapped her arms around his torso tightly while trying to convince (bribe) him into getting a haircut.
"Pleeeease," she begged for the utmost time.
"No." he replied in his deep husky voice. His resolve was strong, but (Your Name) felt that she could break him. It was only a matter of the right bribe.
"I'll be nice to you for the whole week."
"Two weeks...?"
"I'll do you
:iconlexistorm69:LexiStorm69 495 18
Promises (Bucky X Reader)
You balanced the paper bag full of groceries in one hand, using the other to unlock your apartment door.
"Bucky, I'm back." You called to your boyfriend of 5 years, tossing your ring of keys on the counter.
It was strange for him not to rush to greet you. You just ran to the store for a few minutes, where could he have gone?
Thinking he may be in the bathroom, you put away the groceries. You peeled off his leather jacket that you threw on before you left. The apartment was strangely silent. You decided to live in a luxury apartment next to Stark Tower so Bucky could retain some normalcy after the winter soldier incident. You checked your phone for any updates and tucked it in your pocket.
15 minutes passed and you decided to seek him out. Standing up, you brushed the invisible dirt from your jeans and ventured down the hall. But no sign of him.
You stopped at the your bedroom door and opened it slowly. Bucky was laying face down on the floor.
"Bucky!" You yelled and dived to y
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 711 72
I Thought You Were (ClintxReader) One-Shot
"I hate Valentine's Day," You muttered as you took a spoon and shoved some chocolate cake in your mouth.
"You have to admit though that the sweets that come out on this holiday are amazing," Clint said as he too stuffed chocolate cake in his mouth.
You took another bite and with a shy grin said, "Yeah but if we don't stop this soon then we are so gonna get fat from this."
"I really wouldn't care," Clint shrugged. 
"Yeah but I do."
"Why?" He looked at you confused. "You'll always look beautiful to me."
You were shocked to hear his words and before you could respond, Clint's phone rang and he answered it. It was Fury who was calling him in for a quick mission so Clint had to leave right away before your boss decided to run all over the Tower looking for him. Clint smiled at you before taking another bite of the chocolate cake you had bought and quickly left your room. Now you were left just dumbfounded and sitting in your room wondering if Clint had meant what he said. If you though
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 304 80
Not Alone. Not Anymore. (ClintxReader)
You stood atop the building, surveying the area, or at least, that’s what it looked like to the few who could see your silhouette on top of the mega-structure. A proud member of the Avengers was what you were meant to be, but you kept your identity to yourself, only the team themselves knew your true name, and therefore, the public treated you no differently. Simply brushed you away like a pesky mosquito, but as soon as the mask was on, you were idolized. You hated it. None of them loved you for the person you were; only the mask was cared for. Today had been the breaking point though.
“Hey! Slut!”
Your vision lowered to the ground as the nasally voice you dread swam into your ears, you tried to continue walking, but your shoulders were grabbed and you were forced to turn around. There, in all her bitchy glory, stood Tara Linston, chortling away as she noticed your feeble attempt at a glare. No matter how much time passed, she still acted like a high sc
:iconhaxisal-xiii:Haxisal-XIII 273 47
I Can Explain (ClintxReader) One-Shot
Today was a lazy Sunday and you were lying on the couch with your head on your boyfriend's lap. The two of you were watching a movie that was on TV, but during the movie you looked up at him. A childish grin  graced your lips as your hands slowly reached up to his face and touched his cheek. 
"What are you doing?" Clint asked when he felt you massaging his face. 
"I just noticed something," You giggled, "You have bags underneath your eyes."
"What?" He blushed. "No I don't."
You sat up, now sitting on his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck, cooing, "Aw is Hawkeye embarrassed that he has bags underneath his eyes?" 
"Am not," He huffed, wrapping his arms around your waist. "I do not have bags underneath my eyes anyways."
"Don't worry about it Clint," You laughed, "I love you no matter what. You could have dark circles underneath your eyes and I'd still find you sexy."
"Mhmmm well the same goes for me," Clint grinned as he began to kiss along your neck.
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 250 49
ClintxReader- Perfect to Me
A sniffle escaped her lips as she shakily wiped away the tears that were falling down her face, the hurtful words of her father still rung in her head.
“You're pathetic, you stupid girl.”
Or .
“Nobody would love you, you're ugly, the neighbor is prettier than you.”
She sniffled and continued to wipe her eyes as the tears continued to fall down her cheeks. She looked to the sky as it was grey and glum, a clear sign rain was rolling in as the faint rumble of thunder was heard in the distance. She shook her head and ran forward as the rain began to fall, the taunts from her father rung in her head as her vision was blurred from the tears. She shook her head and sniffled.
She hated it, hated the fact he was right, her father had started to be like this since her mother had ran off with another man. She sniffed and wiped her eyes as she ran down the street once more.
She came to a stop and looked to the sky as it began to rain, the tears still rolling d
:iconglitteryglow:GlitteryGlow 384 71
Crazy About You (ClintxReader) One-Shot
You turned around and were face-to-face with a grinning face you knew all too well.
Oh. Tony,” You said awkwardly. “So…does Pepper know you want me to be your Valentine?”
“Whoa let’s not just jump to conclusions, (Name),” Tony laughed. “I’m just here to tell you something. Since lover boy is too shy or whatever to go up to you himself, he had me build this tiny robot.”
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny bug-like creature with wings that was indeed a robot. But what were you supposed to do with that? When you saw Tony, you were at first disappointed. First of all, he had a girlfriend already and second of all, you had a crush on the famous archer—Clint. But if Tony wasn’t your Valentine, then who was?
He pushed a button that was on top of the bug and it came to life, flapping its tiny little wings. The thing soon hovered in his hands and then zipped down into the park.
“I suggest y
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 277 52


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Konnichiwa, minna-san!!! I have a new account on DA called queen-cosmic and that will be where I actually post stuff:D
Also, I will be posting a Jack Frost x OC fanfic, hopefully soon, and thats something to look forward to, da? ^J^
Until the fanfic!!
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